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Surprisingly, the sport is not only interesting to the active sportsmen but also attracts a lot of attention of the audience. More often, sports are not venturous, but there are some areas where you can quench your thirst for thrills by betting. Professionals make the best today’s sports predictions and publish them on various resources where the information is available to the public. There are both free general predictions and paid on an individual request. Users of such portals are interested in predictions for profitable bets; so many gamblers are willing to pay for valuable information. Experienced gamers also make today’s sports betting predictions, but, as a rule, in personal interests, and with free access.

Single Bet Types

Simple single bets are the most common type that is used by gamblers in real and virtual bookmakers. More often, users choose a particular outcome of the event for the team: victory, defeat or draw. In each case, there is a payout ratio, which directly depends on the probability of this event. Today’s prediction for the football events is often used by gamers to determine the favorite of the upcoming match.

There is an option of betting for two outcomes at the same time. For example, you can bet on a win or draw of your favorite team. In this case, the payout ratio will be smaller than in the first variant. However, it is easier to guess the outcome of the event. Such a stake is used if you are sure that the team will not lose.

Unusual Bets

The handicap is an unusual and exciting type of betting. Its point is to equalize the chances for gamblers of two teams with different strengths. As a rule, the favorite team needs to make much more efforts to play the bet. But the outsider team needs to lose by a minimum margin. Thus, the probability of winning of the first or second team is more or less equalized. We should not reject the option when the stake is a draw. In this case, the gambler returns his bet. Top today’s sports predictions will surely come in handy for a winning bet.

The total is a stake that does not depend on the victory of a particular team. In this case, you have to predict the total number of points scored, goals, etc. A gambler bets either on the fact that more goals will be scored than the bookmaker said, or less. The payout ratios are minimal.

Complex Bets

More complex bets can bring a solid win to users. So, for example, having studied a today’s football prediction and guessed the outcome of the game in the first, as well as in the second half, a bettor gets a win. However, if at least in one half the prediction was incorrect, the bet is automatically lost. We can find this bet under the name Time / Match.

The exact today’s sport prediction is particularly actual if there are intentions to make express bets. Such an event includes at once several single stakes (starting from two or more). The bet wins if all games are predicted correctly. However, if at least one event was unsuccessful, the whole fortune

«burns out». In case of victory, the bettor gets a win made on the multiplied coefficients, which means that even with a minimum bet, you can hit a huge jackpot.

What Kind Of Sport Can I Bet On?

Today’s sports prediction can be made up on:

  • soccer;
  • boxing;
  • hockey;
  • tennis;
  • basketball;
  • volleyball, etc.

Today’s sports predictions from professionals will help both beginners and experienced bettors.

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