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Boxing predictions are the most straightforward type of gambling betting because the possibility of winning is 50%. At first sight, everything is quite simple; it seems that you can just invest money, relying on luck. But if you want to be sure of the result, we recommend using the services of this site. To prepare accurate boxing predictions, a great team of experts cooperates with our portal. Each of the analysts tracks the statistics of a particular group of fighters. We use narrow specialists to reduce the possibility of error to minimal.

It is advisable to visit our site a few days before the match you have an interest in and read the previous boxing predictions to get a satisfying result. It will help you quickly get to know the statistics of the particular fighter, see the number of victories, defeats, knockouts and other necessary information.

Boxing Predictions Today

Boxing can be professional or amateur. Since amateur boxing is the most popular among children (11-12 years old), our site specializes in the first type of competition, in which it is possible to participate for the persons aged 18-20 years and older. In various categories, you can track the statistics of famous fighters, who appear on TV the most often. Our leading experts carefully analyze all the past fights of star boxers, so comprehensive data is compiled a few days before the upcoming event. You can access this info for free and earn real money through trustworthy bookmakers.

To make it easier for you to distinguish between pros and amateurs, take a look at the following features:

  • Amateurs always fight in colorful T-shirts, while pros do that only topless.
  • Professional boxers are divided into 17 weight categories.
  • The amateurs have a different scoring system and no knockouts or knockdowns.

Most Common Types of Prediction

The prediction for the fight is made by experts, who analyze all the fights of opponents for a long time. Depending on the accuracy of the prediction, there are such categories, as:

  • The usual result with the only one winner.
  • Bet on a specific round. To get payments and surprise everyone, you just need to guess in which round the fight will end. The likelihood of such luck is minimal, but possible payments can be enormous.
  • End the fight with a knockout. It is a pretty risky bet because if your favorite cannot put his opponent on the shoulder blades, you won’t get a single cent.
  • Knockdown possibility. The only difference from the previous type of bet is that the opponent can rise to his feet and continue the fight. If the opponent does not manage to recover, while the referee counts to 20, then your bet will burn down, as it will already be a knockout.

How Can I Earn the Profit from Professional Boxing

A bet on boxing can easily bring real money. For this, you just need to choose the upcoming fight, get to know the information available on our site, look through the fighters’ dossiers and the statistics and then choose the right bookmaker office. If you manage to predict a draw or any of the outcomes outlined above, then the payments will exceed all possible expectations. But if you are not 100% sure, then it’s better to limit yourself just to the choice of the possible winner, which brings income in more than 50% of cases, especially if you are not too lazy to read reviews of our experts.

Also, in the corresponding sections, you can see videos of all essential fights, biographies, and comments of famous boxers, photos and other exciting information from the world of boxing. On each page, you can find up-to-date news and collections of materials sorted by the topic.

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