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Basketball is one of the best sports for predicting. No need to be a fan of a particular team for successful bets. All you actually need is to follow the basketball predictions and be on time to make bets in bookmaker offices. The updated info will always help to make the right choice, focusing not on personal preferences, but on the analysis of statistics and various data of upcoming games.

Basketball Predictions: List of Main Competitions

Free basketball predictions are available to anyone who wants to earn real money in a very entertaining sport. It may seem that it is almost impossible to predict the outcome of a dynamic match, but it’s not the case. A bit later we will get back to this topic, and now we will consider the competitions, the outcome of which is usually predicted by most of the online bookmaker offices:

  • The NBA. This championship of the American League (which lasts nine months) is impossible to ignore, as well as make a correct prediction. The teams who take part in the competition are almost equally strong and professional, that’s why the name of the winner is not always obvious. In a case like this, the main attention is drawn to the tournament table and each player’s personal skills (psychological, physical, etc.). In the NBA’s forecasts section you will find all the necessary info about the teams, statistics, recommendations, and bet sizes.
  • Euroleague, or European club championship (which lasts eight months). The second in the list of most important basketball competitions in the world (NBA, of which we spoke in the previous paragraph, is the main one). Two circles, sixteen teams, and only the first eight can compete in the playoffs. Come and get aware of the predictions of the result, odds, totals, different achievements (both team and individual ones).
  • VTB League. International tournament, where CSKA continues to be the central point of attention. We offer complex predictions of basketball matches, as well as of individual parts of any.

Prediction: Painstaking Work of Specialists

In the bookmaker offices, sports data is not just collected but carefully analyzed from all the necessary aspects. Exact predictions for basketball are not the anticipations. They come as a result of an objective assessment of the current situation and professional predicament of the outcome of each competition.

If taking NBA as an example (as it is the most famous and spectacular event in the world of basketball), then the most of attention is paid, basically, to the personal skills of each player, to which belong age, physical form, the influence of gaming and life experience. It should also be taken into account how much time these or other players spend on the court, how replacements proceed, etc.

Mathematical Calculations

Specialists use different formulas to predict the result of competition accurately. The first thing to be done here is a list of key indicators and then a calculation of specific coefficients. The essential thing

here is the information about the previous competitions, for example about the last two quarters. Basketball predictions are often arranged in tables, where anyone who wants to bet can take a look at the indicators already systematized. One of the most important of these, whose name is ‘total,’ indicates the number of points gained.

Always Up To Date

The bookmakers make their customers happy not only with the proven facts. Here you will also learn about the forms, strategies, role of the judge in the outcome of matches. Don’t waste your time, open the basketball predictions for today, choose the express bet and get to know the effectiveness of this method. First, you can get the info about the entire betting system for free and prove how and why this info helps other bettors to earn profit from bets. You can get to know the basketball predictions for tomorrow and put some money. It’s not as risky as roulette or poker – you’ve already been given plenty of clues and odds.

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